Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Life with Weston

It's been 2 weeks since our Weston was born. Ironically.. he was born the next day after my last blog. I guess he agreed that September 1 was a good birthday :) To get everyone caught up I will start back on that Thursday the 1st.

As you all know, Wednesday was a very frustrating day for us and I had just heard back from the doctor saying she wanted to see me the next day  so she could do the scraping again (or so I thought). We got up Thursday morning anxious (especially me because I didn't want to feel the pain again from the dreaded scrape) and we went on in for our appointment at the clinic. My doctor comes hurrying in and tells me that she is going to do something that will make sure I won't get sent home from the hospital this time. I can't fully disclose what she did because apparantely she wasn't supposed to legally do it but you can use your imagination. I went into full contractions immediately after she did "it". (oh.. and she did it with no instruments.. just her hand. I thought the scrape was bad but Holy Moly.. very traumatizing) So there we were at her office and she tells Andrew to take me straight to the hospital because we are having the baby today.. seriously this time! :)

So we get checked in to the hospital and by that time my contractions were already 2 to 3 minutes apart. I was already in full blown labor. Let me tell you... those contractions don't mess around. Yikes! I think I could have handled them better if they weren't happening so frequently. But it was like that for 2 hours! I was breathing so heavily that I felt like I was going to pass out. But then....the sweet angel himself walked in with the magic medicine that made it all okay. Let me tell you ladies.. if you are trying to decide between epidural or no epidural.. well hands down epidural wins. It was like night and day. I was having a terrible contraction while he was giving me the epidural so I didn't feel it at all. And after he started the magic medicine I felt nothing. It was amazing. I went from wanting to rip my own child out of me right then and there to... chilling out watching HGTV and having very pleasant conversations with Andrew and my mom. Then, it was just playing the waiting game. By the time I got the epidural.. I believe it was around 11:00am. The nurse would come and check for progression every hour or so and by 2:00pm I was already at 7 cm. She said that once I get to 10cm it would still be another hour before i started to push and for the doctor to come in. Well, an hour later she came back in and I was 9 1/2 cm and she told me to give a practice push. I did and... he started coming on out.. haha I guess he was just as ready as I was to get here. Nurse paged the doctor to get there immediately and 5 pushes later he was here! I couldn't have asked for an easier labor and delivery. He came out screaming and holding on to the umbilical cord. Then he tried holding onto the scissors to cut his own umbilical cord. He finally let his dad do the job. 

That first night with him in the hospital was so amazing. You would think it would be exhausting but you both are running on so much adrenaline and excitment that it doesn't matter. It's when you get home that the exhaustion starts to catch up with you. We have had numerous doctor appointments because Weston was born jaundice so we've had to get his poor little heel pricked constantly to check his levels. But besides that he is a healthy and happy baby! He only cries during the typical times (hungry, dirty, or needs burped) and he loves to snuggle with his mom and dad. I feel like we have adjusted well to this new life and it's almost like we have always had him around and I can't picture our life before him.

Now.. we are about to embark on a whole new journey of moving from AZ to MS. We only have 4 more weeks left here and then it will be a whole new chapter in our lives. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us and to share our little man with all of our friends and family :)

Here are some of the newborn pictures we had done yesterday. Tawnya Hood with Beauty of Life photography did another amazing job and I'm so glad we decided to have these done. They are priceless and I can't wait to see the rest of them.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I need to blog my frustrations out. So, today I had my doctor appointment and my blood pressure was slightly elevated with a lot of protein in my urine. My doctor said that wasn't a good sign and she worried about preeclampsia creeping up so she sent me straight over to the hopital to have blood work done. She said with the hospital having new rules in place about inductions that she coudn't actually induce me today but she said in the past they would have always gone ahead and induced with a situation like this and not taken a chance. But now they aren't allowed to induce util 39 weeks. She wanted to make sure that I didn't get sent home from the hospital and said "we are going to have this baby today!" SOOOO she stripped my membranes. If you don't know what that is.. look it up. It hurts. Like A LOT. Plus.. she wanted to make sure that I progressed so she did it really aggressive. I was in tears but mainly because I was so happy that this was all coming to an end. Well.... we got to the hospital and first thing they said was "we are going to run your blood work..and if it comes back Ok we are going to send you home because we don't have room available" In the back of my mind I'm thinking "oooo you won't be sending me home because you have no idea what my doctor just did to me to ensure I didn't get sent home". Ha.. well jokes on me I guess because they definitley just sent me home. They hooked me up to monitor the baby, took my BP continuously, ran my blood to the labs and BAM. Came back with dreadful news. "Well your blood work came  back with just a small amount of protein in it now and I'm going to check you see if you've progressed and if you haven't we will be sending you home" I knew it wasn't going to be good because it was literally only an hour ago that I left the doctor so I highly doubted that I would have progressed since then. Turns out... I hadn't. Even though I was having contractions she said they weren't strong enough for me to stay and that I needed to go home and wait it out. TALK ABOUT BEING UPSET. You mean I just went through all of this anxiety, excitement, nervousness, and PAIN for nothing?!!? I thought I was going to meet Weston today and because they were too busy at the hospital and didnt' have any room I needed to go home and wait it out. You better believe that this girl is going to wait until he is practically coming out himself before I go back to the hospital because when I leave next time I'm coming home with him!!

I just had a phone call from the doctor and she said even though the hospital didn't have any grounds to keep me there she is still concerned and wants to get him out. So if I don't go into full blown labor tonight she wants to see me in the morning and she's going to DUN DUN DUN... do it again (the membrane scrape that is..) Holy Moly.. I don't know if I can handle that again. But whatever gets him out!!

Prayers and thoughts appreciated for tomorrow!!

**Note to Weston:
This is your mother speaking. I'm trying to be patient and wait when you think it's appropriate to come into the world but my body is starting to turn on me. I think it's saying it's about time! So lets get this going! I think Sept 1 sounds like a good birthday to me :) Everyone is anxious to meet you so let's this thing going! We love you :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

September 6, 2011

Warning** If you don't care to read about the progression of Mr. Weston then do not read below.. dilation numbers and effacement % are listed. I know that creeps some people out. Don't say I didn't warn you..

We have a new possible birthday for Mr. Weston.. Tuesday, September 6, 2011. That is when I will be induced if he doesn't come before then. At my doctor appointment today I was 3cm dilated and 80% effaced. She also said that my water is on the verge of breaking. (I need to keep up the walking!) So she thinks he will come on his own.. but just in case he decides not to, he has an eviction date. He's in perfrect position.. head is WAY down and feet up. Ready to make his exit! I just assumed he would be stubborn like he was for the 3d pictures but suprisingly he is being very cooperative. Hopefully he will stay that way. Wow.. crazy to think in just 2 short weeks he will be here! We can't wait!!! Every night we go to bed and say "what if it happens tonight.. or tomorrow.. or in a couple of minutes" The anticipation is killing us! This is a funny side note.. Every night when Andrew talks to Weston, he like to use my protruding belly button as a microphone. hahahah he thinks he can hear him better that way. I think it's really funny. Also something Weston might think is funny when he reads this one day.

Well.. here's the last picture at 37 weeks. Could be my last one!

Monday, August 15, 2011

36 weeks

36 weeks
There have been many requests.. so here's an update on Mom and baby Weston:
I'm finishing up my 36th week and heading into my 37th with excitement and nerves all in one. SO RELIEVED knowing this is all coming to an end and SO EXCITED knowing we will get to meet our little man in 4 weeks or less. He is growing like a weed and definitely taking a toll on his mom. His kicks are no longer kicks because hes running out of room but more like wiggles and squirms that I can see runnign across my belly. Sometimes he gets his knees or foot lodged up so high under my ribs so I press down on him and say Stop that!! hahaha and he does! Already a good listener. Andrew used to like feeling him kick but now that he can press down on an elbow or knee and Weston will feel it respond back with a jab it kind of creeps him out...haha. It's just a little too much for him. We are both definitely ready for him to be here so we can hold him, cuddle him, and kiss those little hands and feet :)

I'm finished with work now so it is nice to relax and be able to get caught up on a to do list. With us moving and the baby's arrival all within the next 8 weeks it is quite a list. We found a house to rent in Starkville so that is a big relief knowing I have a home to bring our baby to. It's so surreal to think we will living where Andrew and I went to college but as a family now. My, how a few years can bring lots of changes.  We will be seeing Starkville in a whole new light. It's exciting to know we will be back home close to family and friends but there are definitley things that we will miss about Arizona. This is where Andrew and I spent our first 4 1/2 years of marriage, where we bought our first home (learned many lessons from that one), where we were able to take many wonderful vacations and see the amazing things the west has to offer, where we were able to take full advantage of the endless restaurants and entertaining activities (sporting events, festivals, comedy shows etc.)  that are provided here and last but not least the most important's where our first baby will be born. Arizona has treated us well and will always hold a special place in our hearts. In the future, we will definitely be bringing Weston here on many vacations.

Well, I hope to be updating you very soon with exciting news of possible progression! I go to the doctor once a week from here on out so I will be sure to keep everyone updated over the next 4 weeks :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

34 weeks

34 weeks in and Weston finally decided to cooperate! Yes..  I know I'm crazy and got another 3d ultrasound done. I promise I had absolutely no intentions to get another one, I was just going to be patient and wait for his arrival in 6 short weeks. BUT THEN... we had a regular 2d ultrasound done the other day to measure him and make sure he is growing appropriately. That ultrasound left me feeling uneasy because she printed off a picture of what was supposed to be his "face". Not so much.. it was a really creep looking figure and I have been paranoid ever since wondering if he even had all of his facial features in the correct place. So, as I was trying to sleep last night I was thinking "Gosh.. if I could ONLY come up with some extra money to get another 3d ultrasound done." Then.. Lighbulb! It came to me. I just recently had a birthday and received a generous amount of birthday money from my parents! And it just happend to be the exact amount I needed for an ultrasound! I decided since it wasn't technically "my" money that I was spending that it would be ok take another shot at it. Also being that I could not think of anything else I could spend it on right now this was the next best thing. Well..... I'm glad I did because now I have peace of mind and I got to see my sweet baby boy for the first time! I have to say.. it makes all of these recent "aches, pains, and constant kicks to the ribs" TOTALLY worth it.

He measured in at 5 lbs. 5 oz and estimated due date September 3! Here's to hoping she was right and he will be here 10 days early! Also wonderful news is that she saw his diaphragm going up and down and she said this shows he's breathing on his own :)

Mom just drank some juice and he was happy about the sugar!


I think I will suck on my toe now. (notice the LARGE foot.. that's his dad's foot for sure)

Hmmm... Deep thinker

Precious baby boy

My latest picture at 33 weeks

Monday, July 4, 2011

30 weeks

And so the countdown begins! I'm so thankful to have made it into the 30's. It just seems right around the corner now! Thank goodness too because as I get bigger and bigger... the temp gets higher and higher. Yesterday it was 119 in Phoenix. That's right..119. We did have about 5 or 6 minutes of rain yesterday evening and it was blissful. Everyone stopped what they were doing just to look outside and get a glimpse of the drizzle. Andrew and I have literally been under house arrest this entire weekend. When it's that hot and your wifes pregnant there's no such thing as getting out and enjoying the weekend. He has been very understanding and suffers right along with me. We have watched A LOT of movies..if you are thinking about renting something and want to know if it's any good...just ask us! We've probably seen it.

Last weekend, Andrew and I attended the birth preparation class held at the hospital. It was very informative and I feel so much more prepared for the labor and delivery process. Of course, still really nervous but it's an excited/nervous.  Andrew actually handled it better than I did! I thought some of the breathing exercises were silly and I would giggle during them. Much to my suprise..Andrew would remind me that I needed to get with it and take this serious. haha. But I'm well aware that I won't be giggling during the realy thing. Anyway, I would highly recommend any expecting moms and dads to take part in such a class!

Also, I just want to briefly mention a side effect of a large belly. Recently, as in the past week or so, I have been suffering from chronic food stains on my shirts. In the belly region of course. No matter WHAT I do...after a meal I look down and somehow some portion of my meal has landed directly on stomach. I've attributed this to not being able to lean over my plate when I eat. Most the time, I have to lean back while I eat to make room..for some reason it seems to help. So there's a greater distance now that my fork has to travel to reach my mouth. Hence, the food stain on all my attire. I guess I will just have to start wearing a bib.
30 weeks

Friday, June 10, 2011

3rd Trimester

Hello all! I'm finishing up with my 2nd trimester and heading into my 3rd and FINAL trimester. It's crazy how time has flown by! I get a little more anxious every day that passess for him to get here. I've been putting all of my nerves into getting things for his nursery. As you know, we are moving so I can't exactly do a real one right now..but I have a "temporary" one going. Last weekend, we bought his dresser/changing table and a rocking chair. I love them both so much! I would put pictures up but Andrew thinks that I should wait until we have the whole nursery put together. We have decided on a crib and will be ordering that soon. Also, I have his bedding. I ordered it from The Land of Nod and it's exactly what I wanted! Blues, teals, greens, tans etc. I love all of the patterns on it too.
I just got this in the mail today and I'm really excited about it. Pacifiers, socks and cap :)
As far as how I've been feeling heading into the third trimester... fairly good. I have definitely started having some more aches and pains carrying around the extra weight. Within the last couple of days I have been having the shooting "sciatic" pain down my right leg. I have done really well with not having to take anything for the pain but have resorted to Tylenol here lately. It seems to work ok. Also, the sleeping thing has become more of an issue. I bought my first body pillow and it's working to help support my hips and belly. On a happier note... I feel him move more and more each day. He's started having a schedule of waking up around 9..sleeping..up again at 11:30..sleeping.. and so on until he has his last play time between 10:00 and 11:00 at night then he's out for the night. I can handle that if he keeps the same schedule when he's born :)

Finally, here is my latest picture. Weston, you sure are growing little man!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

He's OH so very stubborn..

I wish that I could report great news from yesterday's ultrasound. But unfortunately..I can't. The odds were totally against us yesterday. We had four obstacles in our way of sneaking a peek at Mr. Weston's face. Well make that 6 obstacles. They included 2 legs, 2 hands, an umbilical cord, and a placenta. We tried for around 40 minutes to get a good picture but no such luck. He not only had his hands covering his face but he was bent with his legs straight up. At one point he even tried sucking his toes. Also.. after many shakes, wiggles, jumps etc. in an attempt to have him move, we were startled to see what looked like him giving us the finger! What can I say.. he's his fathers son. After a certain point he finally did move his legs but then he went hiding behind the placenta and had the umbilical cord across his face.
Ughhhh... what drives me crazy is that as I'm writing this he is moving around like crazy. OH well.. it wasn't meant to be. I guess we will just have to wait 16 more weeks to get a GOOD look at what he looks like :)
Here is a blurred look at his face..the placenta is what makes it blurry .

Still has his hand up.. but at least we can see one side

This pretty much sums it up. Here you have his foot about to go in his mouth, elbow bent with hand covering his ear, umbilical cord across part of his face and placenta to the top right.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Sorry I have fallen behind on my blogging duties. I will give you an update on how baby Weston is doing and how mom is doing. I have to try and do a better job and keep up with this because I plan on printing the blog off after my pregnancy is done and adding it to his baby book. That way he can look back one day and read all about him coming into the world! 
 I'm 23 weeks now and can't believe I'm only 1 week shy of being 6 months along! It seems just like yesterday that we were at our first doctor appointment and we got a look at him at 6 weeks! How time flies. We have a very exciting doctors appointment on Wednesday. It's another 3D/4D ultrasound :) Hopefully this time he won't be covering his face and we can get a good look. I'm so anxious to see what he looks like :) Here is a picture of me at almost 6 months.
This is a funny little fact that he might want to know one day. You know that song by Earth Wind and Fire-September? Well probaby not.. but I have made that song Weston's theme song. haha. Now that he can hear..I play that for him all the time. He probably will come out of the womb hating that song because he will be sick of it. But oh well! That's what moms are for! If anyone is having a hard time remembering exactly what song it you go. 
Can't wait for September to get here :)

Mom and baby are doing well. He has started a nightly routine of engaging in karate at 10:00pm every night. Sometimes it's 9:45 or 9:50 but ALWAYS around 10:00. Thank goodness it's not for long because he's usually back asleep by 10:30 or 11:00 at the latest. I think it's because that's around the time I get hungry again or it might be that he has more room to move around when I finally lie down. Who knows!

I will be sure to post pictures this week from the ultrasound! Wish us luck that we can see his sweet little face!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter weekend

Sorry but this will be a long one..

First let me go back to the 18th when we found out the gender or I really should say when we were going to "Confirm" the gender as a girl because we were 98% positive it was girl.  Our appointment was early in the morning and I had already mentally prepared myself for the possibility that we wouldn't see what he/she was because it would probably be asleep. But I did everything I could to try to prevent that from happening. They say to eat sugar, drink juice/caffeine etc. So I had a cinnamon roll with a large glass of OJ and a cup of coffee on the way. Well, we go into the US room and she started off at the head SLOWLY working her way down to the good stuff and finally she said "Now we are looking at the crotch" So Andrew and I squinted at the screen and there it was.. legs spread wide open (apparantly I put him in a sugar coma)..and it's a BOY! We both were in total shock. I of course, started crying because I was so suprised. It was a good cry though..just like finding out your pregnant all over again! It was so amazing! We already had our boy and girl name picked so we were able to automatically start calling him Weston! Weston Patrick Shapley is his name and we have already fallen in love with him.

Next..We just got back from a wonderful weekend full of family, friends, and a lot of amazing food!! We flew into MS on the 21st for a reveal dinner with our family. It also happend to be our 4 year anniversary so it was so great to get to spend it with everyone. We decided that we would have one cake with a pink layer and blue layer. One of us would put a bite of pink on our fork and the other with blue. Whoever took the bite would reveal boy or girl! I made Andrew practice on the counting to three and him pretending to take the girl bite. I have to say he did a good job. We counted to 3 and he faked them out so good that they were all still staring at him while I had already taken the blue bite. A 10 second delay followed and then finally..Oh!! It's a boy!!

Finally, we had an amazing baby shower given to us by Brent and SB Gary. It was so much fun and I am so thankful to all of our amazing friends and family for coming. I can't wait to go shopping for Weston with all of our gift cards :) Overall, a wonderful weekend and we couldn't be more excited for Weston's arrival this fall! I'll attach some pics from the eventful weekend!
The amazing cake my mother in law made!

getting the bites ready

blue bite taken! Andrew is still faking them out

The amazing cake at the shower!

Opening presents

We can't wait to meet you Weston!
Had to attach my 19 week pic

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Somebody has a bo bo..

If Rylee was put on this earth to get Andrew and I used to being parents..he is doing a great job! This dog probably cost us $3,000 a year. He has suffered from allergies, ear infections, tooth extractions, foot infections, tumors and now this.
Apparantly, sometime throughout the day yesterday he ripped off the top claw on his foot exposing the nerve. He was licking his feet last night and I went to take a look at it thinking.."oh great his allergies are kicking back up" and what did I find but a large dangling claw hanging from leg. We have to go back in a few days to see if it is healing appropriately and if not they will have to remove it..costing an insane amount of money I'm sure. I know that most people don't take their dogs to the vet over every little thing but he is our baby right now and I can't take him to work with that thing hanging there like that! It would scare the kids! But I do have to say.. we will be prepared for the numerous doctor visits and bills with the new baby when it arrives. So thanks Rylee!

Also.. I have had requests to post the baby lists that I have made but I can't figure out how to do that with a word document so if someone would like the lists can you leave a comment or message me on FB with their email address and I will send them your way!

Monday, April 11, 2011

One week to go!!

We find out what Baby S is next Monday!! This week can't go by fast enough. Now now... don't be expecting me to post the results on Facebook or my blog right away. We have to keep it a secret until Thursday (the 21st ) because we are flying back to MS to have a reveal dinner with our family. But as soon as the dinner is over I will shout it from the rooftops!! It is a boy/girl and his/her name is ____!!! 

To try and keep my sanity while I'm waiting and to keep my mind busy I have made numerous lists. What kind of lists might you ask?? Ohhhh.. you name it I've made it. Some of the obvious ones were a baby name list and a checklist of things we need right when the baby is born. But I've now taken it a step further and have gone onto consumer reports and compiled a list of the top two items in each category that we can choose from when we go to make our purchases. One list is for esstentials (i.e. top rated strollers, cribs, car seats etc..) and the other for non-essentials (i.e. jumpers, play mats etc.)  I also have a list of potential job placements and homes in Starkville that I would like to visit sometime this summer. I am assuming that this sudden onset of OCD in the form of list making is due to me feeling so out of control with this baby thing. Even the nurse told me at our last appointment that I need to just let it go because nothing about pregnancy is controllable. True...very true. But also very frustrating. It's also probably due to me not being able to "nest " and work on a nursery unitl after the baby is here and we get moved.

Oh well.. I guess lists will have to do for now! Let's just hope this baby isn't shy next Monday and I can have some sense of relief!! My Microsoft Word could also use a break! :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bigger by the minute..

Well I woke up this morning and BAM..I swear the baby doubled in size over night. It's crazy!! I had a feeling that it would happen sometime soon because I have been feeling really exhausted after work and more tired during the day like I was in the 1st trimester. I just knew it was because baby is growing! And at a rapid rate apparantely.
Here's to getting bigger by the day! at 17 1/2 weeks
Also some exciting news.. I have started to feel the baby move! Mainly after I eat and then when I lay down to fall asleep. I guess he/she just gets camera shy because it sure isn't moving when we get the ultrasounds done! I have had a lot of advice as to how to get the baby moving so you can see the sex. Drink cold water, drink coffee, drink OJ, or eat sugar. I think I might just try it all on the 18th because I have to find out soon so I can start buying things!! I'm going crazy... only 10 more days :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Reality has set in.. was a blissful first 4 months of pregnancy. All I was really focused on was making it throught the first trimester sypmtoms and praying that this baby was healthy and going to be sticking around. NOW..reality has set in. This baby is indeed coming (in a short 5 months, if not earlier if I keep stressing) and that we need to A. Sell/rent this house   B. Find another house in Starkville   C. Find a new job for me  and finally  D. figure out how to move a newborn,our furniture,a dog, and two cats across the country without losing our minds. That's all..should be a piece of cake right?!?

With that said... I am taking any advice/suggestions/help with locating housing in Starkville and possible job opportunities for myself (an occupational therapist). This will be a little further down the road but I am also taking suggestions on a good daycare and pediatrician in that area.

All I keep telling myself is just think of how happy we will be when this is all over and settled in our new home close to family and friends. Hopefully by Xmas we will be kicked back, relaxed, and finally settling and enjoying being new parents.

Here is my 16 week picture of the little one.. or really just my belly. We find out in 20 days if it's a he or she!:)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Arizona weekend!

Now that Andrew and I are having a baby and moving back to Mississippi this fall.... I feel like we need to be serious about taking full advantage of what Arizona has to offer while we still can. I feel GREAT this second trimester and I know when summer comes and so does that third trimester I might not feel like getting out and going. So that means we only have about 9 weeks left to fit it all in! Therefore, this weekend we have BIG plans. Hahah ok they aren't really that big.. but it's definitely the biggest weekend I've had in about 15 weeks.
Today we are going to a diamond backs spring training game!  I can't even tell you who they are playing but I can tell you that the weather is beautiful (85 degrees) and we have grass seats! So I will be lying on blanket, soaking in the sun and eating a yummy sno cone. Sounds like fun to me!
Then.. tomorrow we are going to the body worlds exhibit in phoenix. I am really pumped about this! It's only in town for a few more weeks and I didn't get to go to it back in 2007 so we got tickets! I've heard wonderful things about it. It goes throught the human body starting at conception and they are real human specimens. Andrew said he is even excited about this.. I'm glad he is on board with it! I will let you know how it is and then maybe the exhibit will be coming by to a town near you!  

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is she or isn't she?!?

I just have to get something off my chest. I have developed an intolerance for a certain "stare" that I get from people as I walk by them. I am 14 weeks and yes i am starting to poke out a little more now. So heaven for bid I should wear a semi-tight fitting shirt (well they used to not be tight but now I would consider them a little clingy to the belly)! It's amazing how many people, when you walk by them in a hall or on a sidewalk, will stare right at your stomach and you can see their wheels turning in their head "Is she pregnant or just bloated?" Ughhhh.. I really don't like this stage because of this main reason. I think I'm going to start wearing a shirt that says "Yes.. I am indeed expecting" So no one will have to stare and wonder! The sad thing is that i was totally guilty of this before I got pregnant. I feel really bad now and aplogize to all of those ladies....even the just bloated ones.

Alright..well I feel better! Of course I have to attach my 14 week picture so here you go! This is after work so don't be too judgemental..

Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm baaaackkkk...

So... I thought I would give this blog thing another try. When I had one a couple of years ago  I realized that there wasn't much to talk about. Being in grad school really wasn't that interesting of a topic and I needed to focus on studying rather than blogging. But NOW.. there is a lot to talk about and I'm really excited to start this back up so I can keep friends and family updated throughout my pregnancy. I will focus this first post on catching everyone up on us and I will even add some pictures.

This past December, Andrew and I realized we were expecting. The story behind how we found out is not that exciting. It's actually nothing like I always pictured it would be. I always imagined I would yell it from the roof tops or fly a banner from an airplane saying "I'm pregnant!!" But not so went down more like this. I took a pregnancy test one morning because I had a weird dream about having a baby the night before. Well I got up..took it and it was negative. So I got in the shower and thought nothing of it. But somehting kept telling me to go back and look at it. So I got out of the shower and under the bathroom light I saw it... a FAINT positive line going down. I thought..humm.. is that what I think it is? So there was so much confusion on my part that I didn't kjnow if it was real or not. Well.. I went to the store and bought EVERY brand of tests that they have..EPT, Answer, Clear blue name it.. I bought it. I proceeded to take all of the tests and they all came back with the same FAINT line. Fast forwarding to Andrew getting home from work...he walks in and I just look at him and say "can you come take a look at this real quick". I bring him in the bathroom with all 8 or 9 pregnancy tests on the counter lined up and he said..well I can't  say what he said but lets just say it was along the lines of  "Oh #*$*" So he looks at them very carefully and holding them up to the light saying "I mean I don't know what I'm looking at here" haha. So that was it!! We both stood there not really knowing if it was positive or not and very confused. Wonderful story isn't it?!?

We soon called the doctor and she confirmed to us a faint line is a positive no matter what. Come to find out we were very early along and that's why it was so faint. We went in for an ultrasound at 6 weeks and there it was. A little pea with a heartbeat..woosh woosh woosh woosh. We were still in shock.

We are now 14 weeks along and settling in quite nicely with the thought of becoming parents. I think we both are just anxious for little one to get here!  Here is a pic from the 12 week 3d ultrasound that scanned for any complications. Healthy baby!! We feel so blessed and so thankful :)
Well I need to be productive for the day so I am going for now but you will be hearing lots from me over the next few months! :) Ta Ta for now!