Monday, March 28, 2011

Reality has set in.. was a blissful first 4 months of pregnancy. All I was really focused on was making it throught the first trimester sypmtoms and praying that this baby was healthy and going to be sticking around. NOW..reality has set in. This baby is indeed coming (in a short 5 months, if not earlier if I keep stressing) and that we need to A. Sell/rent this house   B. Find another house in Starkville   C. Find a new job for me  and finally  D. figure out how to move a newborn,our furniture,a dog, and two cats across the country without losing our minds. That's all..should be a piece of cake right?!?

With that said... I am taking any advice/suggestions/help with locating housing in Starkville and possible job opportunities for myself (an occupational therapist). This will be a little further down the road but I am also taking suggestions on a good daycare and pediatrician in that area.

All I keep telling myself is just think of how happy we will be when this is all over and settled in our new home close to family and friends. Hopefully by Xmas we will be kicked back, relaxed, and finally settling and enjoying being new parents.

Here is my 16 week picture of the little one.. or really just my belly. We find out in 20 days if it's a he or she!:)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Arizona weekend!

Now that Andrew and I are having a baby and moving back to Mississippi this fall.... I feel like we need to be serious about taking full advantage of what Arizona has to offer while we still can. I feel GREAT this second trimester and I know when summer comes and so does that third trimester I might not feel like getting out and going. So that means we only have about 9 weeks left to fit it all in! Therefore, this weekend we have BIG plans. Hahah ok they aren't really that big.. but it's definitely the biggest weekend I've had in about 15 weeks.
Today we are going to a diamond backs spring training game!  I can't even tell you who they are playing but I can tell you that the weather is beautiful (85 degrees) and we have grass seats! So I will be lying on blanket, soaking in the sun and eating a yummy sno cone. Sounds like fun to me!
Then.. tomorrow we are going to the body worlds exhibit in phoenix. I am really pumped about this! It's only in town for a few more weeks and I didn't get to go to it back in 2007 so we got tickets! I've heard wonderful things about it. It goes throught the human body starting at conception and they are real human specimens. Andrew said he is even excited about this.. I'm glad he is on board with it! I will let you know how it is and then maybe the exhibit will be coming by to a town near you!  

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is she or isn't she?!?

I just have to get something off my chest. I have developed an intolerance for a certain "stare" that I get from people as I walk by them. I am 14 weeks and yes i am starting to poke out a little more now. So heaven for bid I should wear a semi-tight fitting shirt (well they used to not be tight but now I would consider them a little clingy to the belly)! It's amazing how many people, when you walk by them in a hall or on a sidewalk, will stare right at your stomach and you can see their wheels turning in their head "Is she pregnant or just bloated?" Ughhhh.. I really don't like this stage because of this main reason. I think I'm going to start wearing a shirt that says "Yes.. I am indeed expecting" So no one will have to stare and wonder! The sad thing is that i was totally guilty of this before I got pregnant. I feel really bad now and aplogize to all of those ladies....even the just bloated ones.

Alright..well I feel better! Of course I have to attach my 14 week picture so here you go! This is after work so don't be too judgemental..

Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm baaaackkkk...

So... I thought I would give this blog thing another try. When I had one a couple of years ago  I realized that there wasn't much to talk about. Being in grad school really wasn't that interesting of a topic and I needed to focus on studying rather than blogging. But NOW.. there is a lot to talk about and I'm really excited to start this back up so I can keep friends and family updated throughout my pregnancy. I will focus this first post on catching everyone up on us and I will even add some pictures.

This past December, Andrew and I realized we were expecting. The story behind how we found out is not that exciting. It's actually nothing like I always pictured it would be. I always imagined I would yell it from the roof tops or fly a banner from an airplane saying "I'm pregnant!!" But not so went down more like this. I took a pregnancy test one morning because I had a weird dream about having a baby the night before. Well I got up..took it and it was negative. So I got in the shower and thought nothing of it. But somehting kept telling me to go back and look at it. So I got out of the shower and under the bathroom light I saw it... a FAINT positive line going down. I thought..humm.. is that what I think it is? So there was so much confusion on my part that I didn't kjnow if it was real or not. Well.. I went to the store and bought EVERY brand of tests that they have..EPT, Answer, Clear blue name it.. I bought it. I proceeded to take all of the tests and they all came back with the same FAINT line. Fast forwarding to Andrew getting home from work...he walks in and I just look at him and say "can you come take a look at this real quick". I bring him in the bathroom with all 8 or 9 pregnancy tests on the counter lined up and he said..well I can't  say what he said but lets just say it was along the lines of  "Oh #*$*" So he looks at them very carefully and holding them up to the light saying "I mean I don't know what I'm looking at here" haha. So that was it!! We both stood there not really knowing if it was positive or not and very confused. Wonderful story isn't it?!?

We soon called the doctor and she confirmed to us a faint line is a positive no matter what. Come to find out we were very early along and that's why it was so faint. We went in for an ultrasound at 6 weeks and there it was. A little pea with a heartbeat..woosh woosh woosh woosh. We were still in shock.

We are now 14 weeks along and settling in quite nicely with the thought of becoming parents. I think we both are just anxious for little one to get here!  Here is a pic from the 12 week 3d ultrasound that scanned for any complications. Healthy baby!! We feel so blessed and so thankful :)
Well I need to be productive for the day so I am going for now but you will be hearing lots from me over the next few months! :) Ta Ta for now!