Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter weekend

Sorry but this will be a long one..

First let me go back to the 18th when we found out the gender or I really should say when we were going to "Confirm" the gender as a girl because we were 98% positive it was girl.  Our appointment was early in the morning and I had already mentally prepared myself for the possibility that we wouldn't see what he/she was because it would probably be asleep. But I did everything I could to try to prevent that from happening. They say to eat sugar, drink juice/caffeine etc. So I had a cinnamon roll with a large glass of OJ and a cup of coffee on the way. Well, we go into the US room and she started off at the head SLOWLY working her way down to the good stuff and finally she said "Now we are looking at the crotch" So Andrew and I squinted at the screen and there it was.. legs spread wide open (apparantly I put him in a sugar coma)..and it's a BOY! We both were in total shock. I of course, started crying because I was so suprised. It was a good cry though..just like finding out your pregnant all over again! It was so amazing! We already had our boy and girl name picked so we were able to automatically start calling him Weston! Weston Patrick Shapley is his name and we have already fallen in love with him.

Next..We just got back from a wonderful weekend full of family, friends, and a lot of amazing food!! We flew into MS on the 21st for a reveal dinner with our family. It also happend to be our 4 year anniversary so it was so great to get to spend it with everyone. We decided that we would have one cake with a pink layer and blue layer. One of us would put a bite of pink on our fork and the other with blue. Whoever took the bite would reveal boy or girl! I made Andrew practice on the plane..us counting to three and him pretending to take the girl bite. I have to say he did a good job. We counted to 3 and he faked them out so good that they were all still staring at him while I had already taken the blue bite. A 10 second delay followed and then finally..Oh!! It's a boy!!

Finally, we had an amazing baby shower given to us by Brent and SB Gary. It was so much fun and I am so thankful to all of our amazing friends and family for coming. I can't wait to go shopping for Weston with all of our gift cards :) Overall, a wonderful weekend and we couldn't be more excited for Weston's arrival this fall! I'll attach some pics from the eventful weekend!
The amazing cake my mother in law made!

getting the bites ready

blue bite taken! Andrew is still faking them out

The amazing cake at the shower!

Opening presents

We can't wait to meet you Weston!
Had to attach my 19 week pic

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Somebody has a bo bo..

If Rylee was put on this earth to get Andrew and I used to being parents..he is doing a great job! This dog probably cost us $3,000 a year. He has suffered from allergies, ear infections, tooth extractions, foot infections, tumors and now this.
Apparantly, sometime throughout the day yesterday he ripped off the top claw on his foot exposing the nerve. He was licking his feet last night and I went to take a look at it thinking.."oh great his allergies are kicking back up" and what did I find but a large dangling claw hanging from leg. We have to go back in a few days to see if it is healing appropriately and if not they will have to remove it..costing an insane amount of money I'm sure. I know that most people don't take their dogs to the vet over every little thing but he is our baby right now and I can't take him to work with that thing hanging there like that! It would scare the kids! But I do have to say.. we will be prepared for the numerous doctor visits and bills with the new baby when it arrives. So thanks Rylee!

Also.. I have had requests to post the baby lists that I have made but I can't figure out how to do that with a word document so if someone would like the lists can you leave a comment or message me on FB with their email address and I will send them your way!

Monday, April 11, 2011

One week to go!!

We find out what Baby S is next Monday!! This week can't go by fast enough. Now now... don't be expecting me to post the results on Facebook or my blog right away. We have to keep it a secret until Thursday (the 21st ) because we are flying back to MS to have a reveal dinner with our family. But as soon as the dinner is over I will shout it from the rooftops!! It is a boy/girl and his/her name is ____!!! 

To try and keep my sanity while I'm waiting and to keep my mind busy I have made numerous lists. What kind of lists might you ask?? Ohhhh.. you name it I've made it. Some of the obvious ones were a baby name list and a checklist of things we need right when the baby is born. But I've now taken it a step further and have gone onto consumer reports and compiled a list of the top two items in each category that we can choose from when we go to make our purchases. One list is for esstentials (i.e. top rated strollers, cribs, car seats etc..) and the other for non-essentials (i.e. jumpers, play mats etc.)  I also have a list of potential job placements and homes in Starkville that I would like to visit sometime this summer. I am assuming that this sudden onset of OCD in the form of list making is due to me feeling so out of control with this baby thing. Even the nurse told me at our last appointment that I need to just let it go because nothing about pregnancy is controllable. True...very true. But also very frustrating. It's also probably due to me not being able to "nest " and work on a nursery unitl after the baby is here and we get moved.

Oh well.. I guess lists will have to do for now! Let's just hope this baby isn't shy next Monday and I can have some sense of relief!! My Microsoft Word could also use a break! :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bigger by the minute..

Well I woke up this morning and BAM..I swear the baby doubled in size over night. It's crazy!! I had a feeling that it would happen sometime soon because I have been feeling really exhausted after work and more tired during the day like I was in the 1st trimester. I just knew it was because baby is growing! And at a rapid rate apparantely.
Here's to getting bigger by the day! at 17 1/2 weeks
Also some exciting news.. I have started to feel the baby move! Mainly after I eat and then when I lay down to fall asleep. I guess he/she just gets camera shy because it sure isn't moving when we get the ultrasounds done! I have had a lot of advice as to how to get the baby moving so you can see the sex. Drink cold water, drink coffee, drink OJ, or eat sugar. I think I might just try it all on the 18th because I have to find out soon so I can start buying things!! I'm going crazy... only 10 more days :)