Monday, July 4, 2011

30 weeks

And so the countdown begins! I'm so thankful to have made it into the 30's. It just seems right around the corner now! Thank goodness too because as I get bigger and bigger... the temp gets higher and higher. Yesterday it was 119 in Phoenix. That's right..119. We did have about 5 or 6 minutes of rain yesterday evening and it was blissful. Everyone stopped what they were doing just to look outside and get a glimpse of the drizzle. Andrew and I have literally been under house arrest this entire weekend. When it's that hot and your wifes pregnant there's no such thing as getting out and enjoying the weekend. He has been very understanding and suffers right along with me. We have watched A LOT of movies..if you are thinking about renting something and want to know if it's any good...just ask us! We've probably seen it.

Last weekend, Andrew and I attended the birth preparation class held at the hospital. It was very informative and I feel so much more prepared for the labor and delivery process. Of course, still really nervous but it's an excited/nervous.  Andrew actually handled it better than I did! I thought some of the breathing exercises were silly and I would giggle during them. Much to my suprise..Andrew would remind me that I needed to get with it and take this serious. haha. But I'm well aware that I won't be giggling during the realy thing. Anyway, I would highly recommend any expecting moms and dads to take part in such a class!

Also, I just want to briefly mention a side effect of a large belly. Recently, as in the past week or so, I have been suffering from chronic food stains on my shirts. In the belly region of course. No matter WHAT I do...after a meal I look down and somehow some portion of my meal has landed directly on stomach. I've attributed this to not being able to lean over my plate when I eat. Most the time, I have to lean back while I eat to make room..for some reason it seems to help. So there's a greater distance now that my fork has to travel to reach my mouth. Hence, the food stain on all my attire. I guess I will just have to start wearing a bib.
30 weeks

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