Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I need to blog my frustrations out. So, today I had my doctor appointment and my blood pressure was slightly elevated with a lot of protein in my urine. My doctor said that wasn't a good sign and she worried about preeclampsia creeping up so she sent me straight over to the hopital to have blood work done. She said with the hospital having new rules in place about inductions that she coudn't actually induce me today but she said in the past they would have always gone ahead and induced with a situation like this and not taken a chance. But now they aren't allowed to induce util 39 weeks. She wanted to make sure that I didn't get sent home from the hospital and said "we are going to have this baby today!" SOOOO she stripped my membranes. If you don't know what that is.. look it up. It hurts. Like A LOT. Plus.. she wanted to make sure that I progressed so she did it really aggressive. I was in tears but mainly because I was so happy that this was all coming to an end. Well.... we got to the hospital and first thing they said was "we are going to run your blood work..and if it comes back Ok we are going to send you home because we don't have room available" In the back of my mind I'm thinking "oooo you won't be sending me home because you have no idea what my doctor just did to me to ensure I didn't get sent home". Ha.. well jokes on me I guess because they definitley just sent me home. They hooked me up to monitor the baby, took my BP continuously, ran my blood to the labs and BAM. Came back with dreadful news. "Well your blood work came  back with just a small amount of protein in it now and I'm going to check you see if you've progressed and if you haven't we will be sending you home" I knew it wasn't going to be good because it was literally only an hour ago that I left the doctor so I highly doubted that I would have progressed since then. Turns out... I hadn't. Even though I was having contractions she said they weren't strong enough for me to stay and that I needed to go home and wait it out. TALK ABOUT BEING UPSET. You mean I just went through all of this anxiety, excitement, nervousness, and PAIN for nothing?!!? I thought I was going to meet Weston today and because they were too busy at the hospital and didnt' have any room I needed to go home and wait it out. You better believe that this girl is going to wait until he is practically coming out himself before I go back to the hospital because when I leave next time I'm coming home with him!!

I just had a phone call from the doctor and she said even though the hospital didn't have any grounds to keep me there she is still concerned and wants to get him out. So if I don't go into full blown labor tonight she wants to see me in the morning and she's going to DUN DUN DUN... do it again (the membrane scrape that is..) Holy Moly.. I don't know if I can handle that again. But whatever gets him out!!

Prayers and thoughts appreciated for tomorrow!!

**Note to Weston:
This is your mother speaking. I'm trying to be patient and wait when you think it's appropriate to come into the world but my body is starting to turn on me. I think it's saying it's about time! So lets get this going! I think Sept 1 sounds like a good birthday to me :) Everyone is anxious to meet you so let's this thing going! We love you :)

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  1. Oh I'm so sorry!!! I had to get my membranes stripped when I was in labor with Clara several times (pretty much everytime they checked me) because I couldn't dilate since my uterus was so attached to the cervix (I believe). It sounds like he's going to be here soon at least. (I went 6 days late... :/ ) I will keep you in my thoughts and pray for a smooth labor and delivery! Can't wait to hear how everything goes! :)