Thursday, May 19, 2011

He's OH so very stubborn..

I wish that I could report great news from yesterday's ultrasound. But unfortunately..I can't. The odds were totally against us yesterday. We had four obstacles in our way of sneaking a peek at Mr. Weston's face. Well make that 6 obstacles. They included 2 legs, 2 hands, an umbilical cord, and a placenta. We tried for around 40 minutes to get a good picture but no such luck. He not only had his hands covering his face but he was bent with his legs straight up. At one point he even tried sucking his toes. Also.. after many shakes, wiggles, jumps etc. in an attempt to have him move, we were startled to see what looked like him giving us the finger! What can I say.. he's his fathers son. After a certain point he finally did move his legs but then he went hiding behind the placenta and had the umbilical cord across his face.
Ughhhh... what drives me crazy is that as I'm writing this he is moving around like crazy. OH well.. it wasn't meant to be. I guess we will just have to wait 16 more weeks to get a GOOD look at what he looks like :)
Here is a blurred look at his face..the placenta is what makes it blurry .

Still has his hand up.. but at least we can see one side

This pretty much sums it up. Here you have his foot about to go in his mouth, elbow bent with hand covering his ear, umbilical cord across part of his face and placenta to the top right.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Sorry I have fallen behind on my blogging duties. I will give you an update on how baby Weston is doing and how mom is doing. I have to try and do a better job and keep up with this because I plan on printing the blog off after my pregnancy is done and adding it to his baby book. That way he can look back one day and read all about him coming into the world! 
 I'm 23 weeks now and can't believe I'm only 1 week shy of being 6 months along! It seems just like yesterday that we were at our first doctor appointment and we got a look at him at 6 weeks! How time flies. We have a very exciting doctors appointment on Wednesday. It's another 3D/4D ultrasound :) Hopefully this time he won't be covering his face and we can get a good look. I'm so anxious to see what he looks like :) Here is a picture of me at almost 6 months.
This is a funny little fact that he might want to know one day. You know that song by Earth Wind and Fire-September? Well probaby not.. but I have made that song Weston's theme song. haha. Now that he can hear..I play that for him all the time. He probably will come out of the womb hating that song because he will be sick of it. But oh well! That's what moms are for! If anyone is having a hard time remembering exactly what song it you go. 
Can't wait for September to get here :)

Mom and baby are doing well. He has started a nightly routine of engaging in karate at 10:00pm every night. Sometimes it's 9:45 or 9:50 but ALWAYS around 10:00. Thank goodness it's not for long because he's usually back asleep by 10:30 or 11:00 at the latest. I think it's because that's around the time I get hungry again or it might be that he has more room to move around when I finally lie down. Who knows!

I will be sure to post pictures this week from the ultrasound! Wish us luck that we can see his sweet little face!!