Monday, August 15, 2011

36 weeks

36 weeks
There have been many requests.. so here's an update on Mom and baby Weston:
I'm finishing up my 36th week and heading into my 37th with excitement and nerves all in one. SO RELIEVED knowing this is all coming to an end and SO EXCITED knowing we will get to meet our little man in 4 weeks or less. He is growing like a weed and definitely taking a toll on his mom. His kicks are no longer kicks because hes running out of room but more like wiggles and squirms that I can see runnign across my belly. Sometimes he gets his knees or foot lodged up so high under my ribs so I press down on him and say Stop that!! hahaha and he does! Already a good listener. Andrew used to like feeling him kick but now that he can press down on an elbow or knee and Weston will feel it respond back with a jab it kind of creeps him out...haha. It's just a little too much for him. We are both definitely ready for him to be here so we can hold him, cuddle him, and kiss those little hands and feet :)

I'm finished with work now so it is nice to relax and be able to get caught up on a to do list. With us moving and the baby's arrival all within the next 8 weeks it is quite a list. We found a house to rent in Starkville so that is a big relief knowing I have a home to bring our baby to. It's so surreal to think we will living where Andrew and I went to college but as a family now. My, how a few years can bring lots of changes.  We will be seeing Starkville in a whole new light. It's exciting to know we will be back home close to family and friends but there are definitley things that we will miss about Arizona. This is where Andrew and I spent our first 4 1/2 years of marriage, where we bought our first home (learned many lessons from that one), where we were able to take many wonderful vacations and see the amazing things the west has to offer, where we were able to take full advantage of the endless restaurants and entertaining activities (sporting events, festivals, comedy shows etc.)  that are provided here and last but not least the most important's where our first baby will be born. Arizona has treated us well and will always hold a special place in our hearts. In the future, we will definitely be bringing Weston here on many vacations.

Well, I hope to be updating you very soon with exciting news of possible progression! I go to the doctor once a week from here on out so I will be sure to keep everyone updated over the next 4 weeks :)

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