Tuesday, August 2, 2011

34 weeks

34 weeks in and Weston finally decided to cooperate! Yes..  I know I'm crazy and got another 3d ultrasound done. I promise I had absolutely no intentions to get another one, I was just going to be patient and wait for his arrival in 6 short weeks. BUT THEN... we had a regular 2d ultrasound done the other day to measure him and make sure he is growing appropriately. That ultrasound left me feeling uneasy because she printed off a picture of what was supposed to be his "face". Not so much.. it was a really creep looking figure and I have been paranoid ever since wondering if he even had all of his facial features in the correct place. So, as I was trying to sleep last night I was thinking "Gosh.. if I could ONLY come up with some extra money to get another 3d ultrasound done." Then.. Lighbulb! It came to me. I just recently had a birthday and received a generous amount of birthday money from my parents! And it just happend to be the exact amount I needed for an ultrasound! I decided since it wasn't technically "my" money that I was spending that it would be ok take another shot at it. Also being that I could not think of anything else I could spend it on right now this was the next best thing. Well..... I'm glad I did because now I have peace of mind and I got to see my sweet baby boy for the first time! I have to say.. it makes all of these recent "aches, pains, and constant kicks to the ribs" TOTALLY worth it.

He measured in at 5 lbs. 5 oz and estimated due date September 3! Here's to hoping she was right and he will be here 10 days early! Also wonderful news is that she saw his diaphragm going up and down and she said this shows he's breathing on his own :)

Mom just drank some juice and he was happy about the sugar!


I think I will suck on my toe now. (notice the LARGE foot.. that's his dad's foot for sure)

Hmmm... Deep thinker

Precious baby boy

My latest picture at 33 weeks


  1. You are so darling! I love your baby belly! Those little shots of your baby boy are so precious too! I can't wait to do them for myself! (We thankfully have a school nearby that does 2D and 3D ultrasounds for free!) Just a few more short weeks and he will be here!

  2. oh i am glad i found your blog.. or that you posted it anyway what fun pictures of him!